The underground trader and professional engineer who turned a relatively modest $28k into $1.4 million reveals for the very first time...Find Trades, Set Targets and Exits, and Build My Trading Strategy…

How to “Double Dip” with a Tiny Trading Account

Discover the obscure technique specifically designed to help boost accounts as small as $100!

On Feb. 1, 2021, ECC, a little-known credit company stock, was available for just $10.99 per share.

By December 7th, it had ballooned up to $15.48/share.

That’s a 40.9% spike in value in less than a year.

And still, most people paid no attention to ECC or its impressive gains.

But thanks to an overlooked “double-dip” within ECC stock, there was more here than meets the eye.

Traders who took advantage of this “double-dip” would have seen monthly payouts straight into their accounts…

And when all was said and done, they would have experienced a 48.3% growth in ECC stock thanks to this “double dip” method!

See, I had a theory bubbling in my brain. But I wanted to test it, first. So I went back and checked it on ECC. I was right. But I wanted to check a few more stocks. And I was excited by what I found…

Because when ECC started its growth, another stock, FPL, was sitting at just $4.57 per share.

But just over four months later, the stock had shot higher to $6.24!

That’s a 36.5% growth in just over four months!

But once again, the double-dip was in full effect!

With four perfectly-timed “double dips,” this trade climbed an additional 2.4% in just four months.

Just the double-dip gains from this trade did in months what high-yield savings accounts and CDs take years to accomplish.

And the total 38.9% growth in just over four months? That’s a rate you can’t get anywhere!

But investors could have done even better with this double dip on OXLC!

From the end of March to the start of November, OXLC shares rose 34.8%!

But, with the double dip…

Investors could have added a premium of 7.05% on top of their gains!

That’s a total trade of 41.84%!

All in half the time it takes to make a savings account grow a measly 0.5%!

By now, you’re probably wondering how this double dip works.

Or maybe you’ve already guessed at the hidden mechanism within the stock market that makes all this possible.

But before we get there, let me introduce myself.

I’m Jeffry Turnmire!

I’m a lot of things: an Eagle Scout, an amateur pilot, a Professional Engineer, a tinkerer, a builder, an urban farmer and beekeeper, and a husband and a father… just to name a few.

But over the past year or so, I’ve become more and more known as a trader.

That’s all because just about two years ago, I had the most transformative month of my trading career!

In March 2020, I grew my family’s trading accounts to $1.4 million!

It’s the kind of unbelievable trading story that Hollywood movies are made about.

Or, so they tell me, anyway.

To me, it wasn’t that unbelievable. Because to me, it was the payoff of 20 years of hard work that I’d put in to learn the market and understand how to trade it.

See, I’ve been obsessed with the markets since I was a young kid.

I’m not kidding: I began paper trading in elementary school!

And it wasn’t because I wanted to become a hedge fund manager, or even because I wanted to be super duper wealthy (although I’m thankful for everything I have)...

No, the truth is, I’m a huge trading nerd that loves to figure out the “tough problems” in the markets.

Like when I identified the hidden math within the market that became the engine behind my $1.4 million windfall.

Or, when I identified a morning gap trade with 70% accuracy and programmed a bot to help me trade it!

Heck, right now in the “lab,” I’m even working on an AI that will help me forecast the close of the market tomorrow. All because one time, 20 years ago, a professor told me it couldn’t possibly be done.

That’s the kind of trader I am: I love to solve problems that no one else thinks it’s even possible to solve.

But Throughout My Career, One Problem Has Challenged Me the Most…

Throughout my career as a trader, I’ve gotten asked one question more often than any other…

Whether it’s from my 50,000 plus readers across the world, the members inside my private Discord server, my friends, my family… or even relative strangers here in Knoxville, they all want to know the same thing…

“Jeffry, how much does it really take to get started as a trader? Can I really have any success if I start with a small account?”

I think that’s the most common question any trader gets asked.

And while I am very thankful to have grown a relatively modest $28,000 account into over $1.4 million over my two-decade trading career…

I recognize most people… Well, they don’t have that kind of money to start with…

And many of them don’t have that kind of time to wait.

If You’ve Read This Far, You Probably Want to Learn How to Grow the Smallest Account Possible as Quickly as Possible

There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a natural instinct.

But a lot of traders will tell you flatly: “it can’t be done.”

You can’t grow an account of just $1,000. You certainly can’t grow an account as low as $500 or even $100. The markets are too unpredictable, and trading is too risky!

Those traders are giving good advice. The markets are challenging, and no one should ever risk money they can’t afford to lose.

But I’ve always believed there’s a solution to every problem.

And I live my life by the Scout Oath, to help others at all times…

So the more I heard people ask me if it was possible, the more it bugged me:

There had to be an ideal way to grow small accounts!

And that’s when the “Double Dip” hit me:

I could use the same powerful market math techniques I had used to supersize my family’s trading accounts…

And I could apply them to stocks that were already designed to offer traders the best reward in the shortest amount of time!

By this point, you might have guessed the “double dip” I’m talking about:

I’m talking about stocks with dividend payouts, regular payments of a company’s profits to its shareholders.

These companies pay their shareholders on a regular basis: yearly, quarterly, or even monthly…

And these payouts can optimize your returns on these trade setups!

That’s the “double dip” that most traders overlook within the everyday market.

But before you jump to wrong-headed conclusions, you should know…

Not All Dividend Stocks Are Created Equal

Dividends vary in significant ways, in size, yield, and frequency of payout.

Some stocks have healthy dividends, but are far too expensive for the typical mainstream trader to use to max out a tiny account.

Some affordable stocks have paltry dividends that aren’t nearly enough to make a “double dip” impact.

To truly take advantage of the “double dip,” I needed to curate a list of affordable stocks with sky-high “yields,” or the amount the stock pays out over time.

But even then, a high-yield stock alone wasn’t enough.

To grow a tiny account, investors have to identify a stock that is going to shoot higher over the next several months.

That’s the massive advantage the double dip gives you: first, you buy and hold a stock that’s growing quickly, then you supplement those gains with quarterly or even monthly payouts.

This Overlooked Double Dip Can Help Max Out a Tiny Trading Account, Without the Fear and Headaches of Complicated Options Trades

It’s as straightforward as buying the right stock at the right time and letting the market do the work.

And I’m able to identify which stocks have the best shot at an incredible “double dip” by using the same market math that transformed my trading career!

With one powerful line on my chart, I can isolate when a stock is likely to climb higher.

Like when AR triggered my scanner on January 3…

And just a month later, it had climbed over 26%!

Or when the same system highlighted AMD just before it climbed 18% higher in one month!

These aren’t complicated options returns, either.

These are straightforward, “buy and hold” stock plays that mature over time.

These Trades are Low-Maintenance, “Set It and Forget It” Setups!

With these “double dip” setups, investors don’t have to sit glued to their computer.

Of course, no trading strategy eliminates risk. You can lose money with these trades.

But because these setups move gradually, you don’t need to check in every moment.

You’ll just have to look in once in a while to make sure things are moving in the right direction.

As long as they are, you can continue to collect the dividend payouts and watch the stock grow, and continue to reap both rewards!

That’s how investors grow an account over time.

In fact, I’m convinced that these “double dip” setups are the only answer to the question I’ve heard so many times.

But just to be clear, let’s recap why these trades are so powerful:

First, we’ve cultivated a list of stocks with optimized dividend payouts. The highest yields equal the best returns over time.

Second, we use market math techniques to isolate those stocks we think are most likely to grow over the coming months

We place “set it and forget it” buy and hold trades that cut out the complication and fear of options setups

We monitor these trades over time, without the panic and fear of quick-moving trades

We utilize as much or as little capital as we want: all you need is one share to start to take advantage of these setups!

At this point, you’ve seen the power of Double Dip trades…

And I’d like to help you start trading them right away!

How Would You Like to Begin Trading These Double Dip Setups With Me?

I’d like to immediately provide you with a list of over 135 perfect stocks for these “double-dip” trades.

Instead of doing the legwork, picking through thousands of ticker symbols, you’ll step into the starting blocks with the best stocks to scan every day. But I don’t want to just give you stocks and leave you alone.

I’d like to set you up with one trade per month to help you get your feet under you.

At the start of every month, I’ll scan our watchlist using my market math strategies, and identify one trade setup that I think we’re almost ready to enter.

And to help you keep on top of the market, I’ll send these picks along with my “Monthly Market Preview,” a personally crafted newsletter with my expectations for the market, some key levels I’m watching, and important trading tips I think you’ll need to learn.

Once you’re ready, it’ll be time to trade.

As I’ve said, these are “set it and forget it” trades…

But I won’t let you fly blind.

When I make my picks, I’ll give you an entry, a trade target, and an exit level to get out of a trade that moves against you.

Then, I’ll keep you posted with any necessary “urgent updates” if it’s time to exit or change your setup. Like I said, you’ll be trading these “double dip” trades right by my side.

And I mean that literally because as soon as you claim your membership today, you’ll receive instructions to join a private Discord server with me, where you can ask me all your trading questions whenever you have them.

It’s not quite 24/7 (I do have to sleep), but I’ve worked with a lot of traders, and I can tell you, this level of access is one-of-a-kind.

With These Double Dip Trades, I’ll Be Right By Your Side, Every Step of the Way

Now, normally when I offer detailed trade alerts, I charge a premium.

I hold my recommendations in high regard, because of the success I’ve seen throughout my career, and I absolutely believe they’re worth a lot more than I charge for them.

In fact, most of my signal services cost at least $997 to join.

But because these Double Dip trades are specifically designed to help max out a tiny account, I realize it would be ridiculous not to open the door to as many traders as possible.

So I’ve slashed my typical price for a trade alert service by over 95%.

Today, you can join me in “Double Dip Trades” for just $49 for a full year.

It’s the least I can do to help prime you to start placing these trades yourself.

But before I show you how to join, I need to give a clear warning:

These setups are the #1 way I’ve identified to max out a tiny account.

But I need to be clear: they are not a magic bullet.

These trades still carry a risk of loss, and, more importantly, they still require a lot of hard work to get them right.

If you’re not ready to put in the work, or you don’t have money you can afford to lose, even with a tiny trading account, then you should not claim a membership today.

But if you’ve been waiting for the ideal way to help max out a tiny trading account, and you want to trade these Double Dip setups right by my side, I’ll throw in one final bonus for you!

If you order today, I’ll personally insure your membership for the first 90 days! That means you can get in, try everything that the service has to offer, place the first few trades, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the service, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked!

It’s my way of doing right by you and living by the Scout Oath to help others at all times!

Now, I’ve tried to remove every obstacle for you, but the choice is still yours. If you’re ready to join me, then your next step is clear:

Fill out the order form at the bottom of this page to join Double Dip Trades today!

Your first trade setup is waiting for you right now.

You can join me in the Discord in just minutes.

But it all starts with you claiming your membership today.

So fill in your information below, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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